The Cancer Research Education Program seeks to increase diversity in cancer research by training minority undergraduate and medical school students in the following areas:  biobanking, precision medicine and cancer health disparities. The CREP is a joint, collaborative, innovative program that operates under three aims:

1) Research Experiences: During the summer, over the course of 8-weeks, students at Moffitt and LSUHSC will be involved in hands-on summer research experiences including an in-depth tour of the biobank and proteomi where students have the opportunity to observe and assist in the biospecimen collection process from start to finish.

2) Curriculum Development: Students will matriculate through a joint didactic curriculum focusing on biobanking, precision medicine and cancer health disparities. The curriculum includes a series of web based modules, immersion in wet and dry labs, journal clubs and teletalks.

3) Outreach: Through community outreach students will have the opportunity to expand upon existing community-based participatory research and participate in activities to educate minority communities on biobanking, precision medicine.

Each student will be assigned a mentor with expertise that matches the students’ interests.